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Norwalk Chiropractic is dedicated to improving the health and well being of all of its patients, young and old, through conservative and gentle chiropractic treatment. At Norwalk Chiropractic we believe that the patient has a responsibility in the healing process through making informed decisions and developing healthy habits. We believe the patient has a fundamental right to know if we can help them, how long is their care going to take, and an estimate on what the care is going to cost. At Norwalk Chiropractic we are committed to implementing current research and healing practices to achieve the best outcomes for the patient. While we have a 5 star rating, Norwalk Chiropractic promises to make any appropriate referrals for co-management of care, MRI’s, and/or other services as needed.


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Norwalk Chiropractic

1300 Sunset Dr. Suite B
Norwalk, IA 50211

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